Ingocraft Full Kit Printables (STL)


Ingocraft Full Kit Printables (STL)


This is a set of 3D printable files that you can 3D print to extend your Ingocraft Kit No 1.

Included are

  1. The cube
  2. The short bar
  3. A half plate (half size of a full plate for printability on most desktop printers)
  4. The long bolt
  5. The short bolt
  6. The double sided bolt
  7. The nut
  8. The wheel

The full plate and the long bar have been excluded because there are not printable on most desktop 3D printers. 

No rafts or supports are needed for these prints. If the STL file that is imported is too large for the build plate, scale it to 10% of the original file size. 

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