ingocraft Starter kit No 1 

Ingocraft Starter Kit no 1 and Ingocraft App

With the plastic moulded Ingocraft Kit no 1 you can start playing immediately and you will also receive free access to the Ingocraft App, which is currently available for Iphone and Ipad. 

The Ingocraft Kit no 1 contains 73 parts in different colors and shapes.

Play smart and get inspired by Ingocraft!

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Sparkling 3D printed Fidget Spinner

Sparkling Fidget Spinner

Sparkle up your life

Get a 3D printed sparkling and custom made fidget spinner.

Tell us your gender, age and your first name and we will 3D print a complete customized sparkling fidget spinner just for you.

Open the box and let surprise you!


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